it’s all about YOU!

We’re dedicated to producing work that gets you noticed and wins you customers. We have a commitment to earning and building strong relationships, an unmatched foundation of experience and know-how, and a creative culture of problem solving. You will find we hold ourselves to a higher standard to meet or exceed your expectations.

You deserve – and you'll get – our…



We’re creative in all ways, not just design and copy, but also in solving your problems and tackling your challenges.



We offer you one-stop expertise for all your marketing challenges.



Above all, we put your needs first. You’ll get first rate service during every interaction.

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We know that our work affects your image, your satisfaction, and your customers' decisions to use your products and to make purchases. In short, our output directly touches real, live customers like you, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We are proud to make you and your business look good!

Your needs are unique

You can trust M45 to develop your distinctive plan based on your specific culture and needs. Our team of seasoned and proven marketing professionals will help you decide which of many options are right for you, whether it's public relations, advertising, tradeshows, technical documentation, social media, mobile ready websites, videos or Google AdWords.


We provide you with individual attention that reflects our customer service philosophy that your success equals our success. You can count on us to use our creativity, experience, and enthusiasm to give you the type of service you deserve and expect. You come first on our priority list.

What we do

We have been working for close to 20 years to help our customers compete successfully. We develop smart solutions and put fresh ideas to work to make your company stand out.

Who we are

Whether your business needs just a new look or a completely new outlook, we can help. M45 Marketing Services is a full-service agency that can integrate and implement all aspects of your company’s marketing efforts from strategic planning to promotion to product documentation and evaluating customer satisfaction.

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Why we are different

With M45, you get efficiency, streamlined supplier management, and added communications value by sourcing an exceptionally wide range of capabilities from one company. We offer one set of supplier contacts, one group of people to train on new products and technologies, and one voice to the customer through all promotional and technical communications. In short, it's easy to work with us! Plus you’ll benefit from our:
–  Knowledge and experience
–  Technical excellence
–  Responsiveness
–  Cost effectiveness
–  Dedication and commitment
–  Enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping you succeed!